Tonny在《SKINS》 S01中女子学校里唱歌的那段,其实有两个版本。



以上据说是窈窕淑女《my fair lady》里的歌曲,尚无考证,但是有网友贴歌词如下,真的很动听:)

你已远去 而我仍当你在身旁
You’ve gone away But I feel you near

不知何故 你抚过我的轻柔总在心上
The softness of your touch is somehow always here

我凝视的双眸 顾盼生愁
And I watch with my ever sorry eyes

当你离我而去 我已倾我所有
Knowing I’m not discreet when you leave me

You’ve far from me

And my guard is down

I wanna hear it said they’ll never part somehow

爱我益深 我情益真
To just love me more and I know for sure

那时你离我而去 我毫无保留
That I’m just not discreet when you leave me

当我独自一人 思恋时刻萦绕心头
And when I’m alone I think how much I miss you

渴望有一天 你也把我挂念
And long for the day when you will miss me too

我独自坐下 梦中思量与你相吻
I sit on my own and dream of how I’ll kiss you

你我相视 心有灵犀
And you see me in the way that I see you

你已远去 一时之别不能相见
You’re far away Will be gone a while

我瞩目阳光 灿烂之处有你笑酽
I look into a sunbeam Where I see you smile

And I have to go

Cos deep down I know

That I’m just not discreet

When you le-e-ave me

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